Welcome to Cafe The Lodge

Welcome to Cafe The Lodge

Welcome to Cafe The LodgeWelcome to Cafe The LodgeWelcome to Cafe The Lodge

Great Food, Greater Good!


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Most Original Soup


Cafe The Lodge received the Most Original Soup Award, Saturday January 28, 2017 at the 8th annual Souper Bowl for Chef Allen's Creamy Pumpkin & Chorizo Soup. 

Community Service Award


The Lodge received the RHD Community Service Award. At the Resources for Human Development 22nd Annual Values Celebration "Making a Impact"! People from 13 states celebrating the accomplishments, hard work and dedication to uplift and educate the communities we serve! 

Tribute to the Arts Award


Cafe the Lodge received a 2014 “Tribute to the Arts Award” from the Bethlehem Fine Arts Commission, recognizing the Lodge’s contributions to the arts. The “Tribute to the Arts Awards” was instituted in 1991 and continues on a yearly basis to honor individuals, organizations, educators, innovators or businesses that are engaged in making, supporting or encouraging artistic endeavors that enrich the community


What if you could do good simply by eating well?


Located on Bethlehem’s South Side, not only does Fig Bethlehem’s 2019 Social Mission Partner Café the Lodge have a diverse selection of great food and a tranquil terrace in the back, it also explicitly employs and empowers those with mental health diagnoses. The Lodge offers guidance in establishing independent living routines and wholesome lifestyles, providing employment and volunteer opportunities as well as recreational and educational events for its members and for the community at large.

Make Café the Lodge a regular breakfast and lunch dining destination. It’s a delicious way to support their mission!

Fig Fall 2019 Issue


Cafe the Lodge in South Bethlehem is not only a hardworking nonprofit that employs and empowers up to 18 individuals with mental health diagnoses to practice skills for independent living and competitive employment in the community.  it's not only a place to get delicious, freshly prepared food. It's also a vibrant art space that features artwork from residents, staff and community members, in exhibits that rotate throughout the year.

Fig Summer 2019 Issue


Cafe The Lodge with delicious, Freshly prepared food and tranquil terrace in the back (perfect for summer dining!), one might forget that Cafe the Lodge in South Bethlehem is also a hard-working nonprofit that employs and empowers up to 18 individuals with mental health diagnoses.  Through the cafe, employees practice skills for independent living and competitive employment in the community...

Just In: 2019 Fig Bethlehem Social Mission Partner


“Café the Lodge is thrilled to be Fig’s Social Mission Partner of 2019,” said Ian Panyko, Director at Café the Lodge. “We are looking forward to showing the valley that the employees of Café the Lodge are the faces of mental health recovery!”  

Bethlehem Mural on PBS 39


In a project part of the SouthSide Arts and Music Festival, the Chilean born artist is collaborating with ArtsQuest on an interactive art experience and mural designed to raise awareness of the challenges people face when dealing with mental health issues. Senior Director of Visual Arts at ArtsQuest, Stacie Brennan, says, “I think this mural does a great job of raising awareness on multiple levels; both around the issue of mental health and community awareness that people can drive by and see this (it will brighten their day) but also help them realize it’s something that we are all dealing with in our community. And it will also raise awareness for what public art can do for a community; for people to feel ownership and engagement in the area that they live in.” 

SouthSide Arts & Music Festival VIDEO


WFMZ's stopped by this morning to preview this weekend's festival!    Alexandra Hogan reports on 69 News at Sunrise.   ‘Calma’ is a 43 foot wide by 35 foot tall painting that is being created on the west wall of Cafe The Lodge. But this isn't just another wall on another street. The site of Quintanajornet’s latest project is popping up alongside a place to eat well and do good. Cafe The Lodge explicitly employs and empowers those with mental health diagnoses.   The Cafe employs up to 18 people at any given time, while the Lodge houses a dozen individuals in the community. It’s all to inspire independent living and employment for those with mental health challenges.  

Mural artist to bring 'colorful mindness’ to South Bethlehem


Renowned mural artist Pau Quintanajornet believes through her work she provides food for the soul.   Her  latest piece promises to follow that mantra, a mural adorning the  exterior of Cafe the Lodge in South Bethlehem that seeks to bring  awareness about mental health.  "I  look forward to this experience and hope to bring some colorful  mindfulness to Bethlehem and its community,” Quintanajornet says.

Quintanajornet,  in collaboration with ArtsQuest, will be creating her mural through May  5 at Cafe the Lodge, which is at 427 E. Fourth St. The mural will be a  continuation of her “artivist” project “Project Wallflowers," which she  began in 2013. It will be also be part of the upcoming 2019 SouthSide  Arts & Music Festival, which runs May 3 and 4 at various sites in  South Bethlehem.

RHD’s Cafe the Lodge takes on an important role in its community


Cafe the Lodge’s unique focus on recovery and art caught the attention of the 2019 SouthSide Arts & Music Festival, which selected the Cafe as the site for a mural by renowned artist Pau Quintanajornet. “With each person that comes into the Café, we are given the opportunity to show them what recovery looks like,” said Cafe the Lodge Director Ian Panyko. “This project, I think, shows that we’ve had an impact and that people support what we’re doing. We were

thrilled. It was incredible to hear that it was going to be possible.

“The community was engaging the artist while she was working it,” Panko said. “Pau fit right in with all of us and it was very common to see her sitting with community members and individuals in the morning having breakfast and waxing philosophical over a cup of coffee.“ There were many days that I would be talking to Pau on her lift when a car would slow down and shout support across the street. This mural was exactly what the community wanted.” At RHD we work hard to deliver the highest-quality services to people in need, and have the maximum impact possible in the communities where we operate. It’s a wonderful and humbling experience when the community responds, and supports our mission. RHD’s Cafe the Lodge is a great example of that. “One of the wonderful things about the mural arts program has been the ability to engage the community through normalized interactions and challenge the stereotype of ‘mental illness,'" Panyko said. “This project put more attention on that, and we have welcomed it!”

FIG: Giving Back

Check out Fig's Summer issue page 12 "Giving Back"

"Not only does it have a diverse selection of great food and a tranquil terrance in the back, it focuses on employing and empowering those with mental health diagnoses."



Cafe The Lodge provides exciting and gainful employment opportunities for those with mental illness. The Lodge supports its members through independent living arrangements, a productive and meaningful existence, and a wholesome lifestyle.  

Sunrise Chef: Souper Bowl VII


 Chef's with the Copperhead Grille, Cafe the Lodge and Cathy's Creative Catering stopped by the WFMZ kitchen Friday to preview their entries.  

Let's Go! Cafe the Lodge


Cafe The Lodge in Bethlehem is a full-service cafe that employs people in recovery from mental health challenges. Clients prepare and serve quality coffee, tea, pastries and wholesome breakfasts and lunches in an environment that affirms self-determination and supports people who express a desire to work at jobs that make them feel productive and part of the community.  

Restaurant review: Bethlehem's Cafe the Lodge is good for the soul and stomach


Cafe The Lodge offers fresh Bistro style food and dine in seating at their location on Fourth Street in Bethlehem. Here Chef Allen Singer holds a Cuban Sandwich,left, featuring sliced ham, pulled pork, a dill pickle, Swiss cheese, and garlic aioli, with potato salad on the side and a Broccoli Cheddar Quiche with a harvest salad which features baby greens, apples, dried cranberries,walnuts,and red onion with a raspberry vinaigrette, on the right.   

Cafe the Lodge offers more than a job to those with mental illness


Opened in March 2012 with an official grand opening held Jan. 11, 2013, the Lodge is open to the public with easy access through a gate off the South Bethlehem Greenway. Located in the former Connell Funeral Home, Café the Lodge's backyard with its benches and goldfish pond welcomes anyone seeking relaxation in a peaceful setting.  Where friends celebrate greatness in self and others. 


 Lehigh Valley resident Hong Tatt Foo has provided a reproduction of one of his paintings to be used as a mural in the garden of Cafe the Lodge in south Bethlehem. The mural is intended to highlight the importance of education and to increase awareness of the many places in the world where people are denied access to education. 

FOCUS: Season 3 Episode 23


 We take a tour through a local neighborhood to find out what's made in South Bethlehem. Orasure is a leading manufacturer of tests to diagnose HIV and Ebola; Engineers design products for Texas instruments and Cafe Lodge doesn't just make good food, they make good jobs for people who may not have them otherwise.  

Bethlehem Press 'Like a wink and a smile'



For the first time ever, 9-year-old Owen Annicchiarico took to Café the Lodge's Open Mic stage to sing two children's classics. With focus and stage presence, Owen sang  with no musical accompaniment and only minimal cues from his Dad's tablet with the song lyrics.

Courtney Annicchiarico, Owen's proud mom, says this is a wonderful change from a year ago, when Owen, who is diagnosed as high-functioning on the autism spectrum, could not even sit and listen to a performance without getting visibly upset.

Cafe the Lodge offers those with mental illness a place to work and a sense of purpose.


"Our mission is to take away the stigma," says Aaik Van Munster, program director of the Lodge.  What makes Cafe the Lodge unique as a business is its dedication to providing work (and a sense of purpose) for those with mental illness.   

While the cafe has a clear mission, it is also a business.  "We are here to attract a customer base," Van Munster says. "The coffee is great. The Cuban sandwich is great. 

Singer, who was the head chef at Susan's Catering where he worked for 16 years, brought his wealth of culinary experience to the cafe. He created the menu (good food made simply and freshly) and trained the staff.

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“The Lodge is a program of Resources for Human Development”

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